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OneStream offers one platform for all financial Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions which allows it to quickly align to the changing needs of your business. Many software providers today deliver CPM application silos with multiple products or modules, but this approach suffers when the systems need to adapt or change. 


OneStream is a single, unified Corporate Performance Management software platform for financial consolidation, planning and analytics which enables your business to be agile and adaptable to change while reducing your total cost of ownership.

B-EYE is a OneStream Diamond Partner, one of the few diamond partners globally, and the only diamond partner in APAC and the Middle East.

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OneStream: Service
OneStream: Service

Financial Consolidation and Reporting

Financial consolidation and reporting is core to the Unified Financial Platform for Corporate Performance Management. Deliver timely and accurate financial consolidation and reporting that meets corporate external reporting requirements while also providing business unit operational relevance. OneStream offers the agility needed to adapt to business changes more quickly while also providing more insight to make better decisions.

  • True multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency, automated IC eliminations, minority interest and partial ownership

  • ​Increase Automation: Automate cash flow reporting and understand the FX impact on movement accounts with our packaged Flow Dimension

  • Improve Controls: Embedded Data Quality with Guided Workflows and complete audit controls to ensure accuracy and confidence

  • Simplify legal, statutory and management financial reporting for the most sophisticated enterprises

  • Deliver 100% transparency to data, metadata and process changes with unparalleled audit and drill back capabilities for complete confidence and control.

OneStream: Service

Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning

Provide the necessary insight to adjust to new trends with OneStream's financial budgeting, forecasting and planning. OneStream eliminates the chaos of seeding, collecting, revising and approving budget, forecast and plan by offering guided and controlled processes with the flexibility to adapt as your business changes.

  • Simplify Use: Use familiarity of Excel® and workflow for simplified budgeting and forecasting

  • Unify Reporting: Operational and financial planning processes are combined for true unification

  • Improve Agility: One rational system where actual, budget and forecast all live together for maximum agility

  • Reduce Budget Cycles: Seed budget or rolling forecast with our automated data copy between scenarios

  • Deliver 100% data and process transparency for confidence, compliance and controls.

  • Visualize the impact on profitability and margins with “What-if” driver based planning.

  • Drive long-term strategy and analyze alternative value creation scenarios.

OneStream: Service

Financial Reporting & Analysis

The OneStream Corporate Performance Management platform offers powerful financial reporting and analysis capabilities for a single lens to view and analyze all analytic information.


OneStream's complete presentation layer, including financial reporting and analytics, is core to the Financial Platform. Guided financial reporting and analysis empowers business users with self-serve solutions to deliver the right financial reports at the right time. Financial consolidation, budgeting, forecasting and planning solutions come to life with flexible and powerful financial reporting and dashboard analytics.

  • Ease of Use: End users can mix and match a cafeteria plan of commonly used row and column templates for infinite reporting combinations

  • Easily Maintained: One Guided Report can replace hundreds of Retrieve spreadsheets without requiring any maintenance as metadata changes

  • Maximum Agility: Lower the time and cost to deliver timely and accurate information and new analysis as your business changes

  • Intuitive Ad-Hoc: More intuitive drag, drop and pivot analysis with OneStream Quick Views as well as the comfort of familiar Retrieves

  • Delivers a unique Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel® reporting solution by combining Office content with OneStream content for a rich reporting experience

  • Allows to mix and match row and column templates for infinite reporting combinations allowing any user that understands the business to receive powerful analytics.

  • Interactive Dashboards offer executives, managers and business users the ability to change variables and bring data to life for the insight needed to make quicker and better decisions.

OneStream: Service

Financial Data Quality

OneStream's financial data quality management delivers financial reporting and decision making confidence.


Poor financial data quality management translates into a lack of confidence in your financial reporting system. Data integrations have traditionally been IT custom processes that result in a “black box” of data that cannot be easily traced or audited. OneStream provides strict audit controls along with standard, defined and repeatable processes for maximum confidence and reliability in a business user process.

  • Improve Integrity: Powerful pre and post data loading validations and confirmations provide complete confidence in the certification process

  • Increase Transparency: 100% transparency and audit trails for data, metadata and process change visibility from report to source

  • Ease of Use: Guided Workflows intuitively move business users through the entire data collection, integration and reporting process

  • Simplified Data Integration: True direct integration to any open source GL/ERP system, including SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, with powerful pre-built Integration Connectors with drill back and drill through technology

  • Ensures all solutions benefit from pre and post load data validations and confirmations to ensure that your data is right at every step in the process.

  • Shorten close and budget cycles and improve data quality with immediate error notifications that include the key information needed for end users to quickly and easily correct issues and complete processes accurately.

  • Gain critical visibility into data, adjustments and changes at every level in the consolidation or planning process.

OneStream: Service

OneStream MarkePlace

The OneStream MarketPlace is our version of an app store. Our downloadable solutions allow customers to easily extend the value of their Corporate Performance Management platform to meet the changing needs of finance. All OneStream developed solutions are available to all active customers free of charge.

  • All MarketPlace solutions leverage the core OneStream platform for data quality, calculations, reporting etc

  • MarketPlace solutions meet and exceed market-leading product specific offerings

  • Independent platform upgrades and solution updates reduce the time, cost and risk of adding functionality

  • Customers can pick and choose the most relevant solutions to add to their OneStream solution. The MarketPlace quickly and easily aligns to your changing business requirements with the ability to extend the platform with value add solutions.

  • Eliminate the noise of technical complexity and allow you to start solving the business problem on day one. All solutions come with complete documentation and instructions.

OneStream: Service
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