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Microsoft offers a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that automates and integrates the sales, purchasing, accounting, and inventory management functions of multi-sized clients. Deployed
on-premise or on the cloud, you can choose the extent to which services will be managed by your internal team and by us, as your service partner.

B-EYE is Microsoft Managed Partner.

Microsoft: Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based system that combines ERP and CRM in one solution. Built by Microsoft to maximize business flexibility and extensibility, Dynamics 365 revolutionizes the current range of ERP and CRM solutions in the market by building a working plug-and-play solution for differently-sized organizations.


  • Easier deployment by doing away with building complicated and multi-layered databases

  • Tighter integration with Microsoft and business applications using  standardized APIs

  • Deployed on the cloud for higher availability (for the Business Edition), and for the Enterprise Edition, on the cloud or on-premise

Microsoft: Service

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services used to develop and deploy both Microsoft-specific and third-party applications. This is recommended for clients who want to move their existing Microsoft products on the cloud, and/or those who want customized applications to be built for their organization.


Microsoft Azure offers the use of both on-premise and cloud servers, as well as a combination of each. This flexible deployment allows for easy creation of networks, servers, and storage - everything you would in your own server room but instantly deployed in Microsoft's data centers with the click of a mouse.​


Microsoft Azure offers a suite of developer tools to easily build and manage your applications, while also providing extensive support for Open Source Technologies.


Microsoft Azure supports endless scalability for different business sizes, with easily adjustable solution components and geographic coverage.

Microsoft: Service
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