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Hospitality & Lodging Performance Management

One Platform for Managing Financial Performance for Hospitality Businesses

Hospitality & Lodging Performance Management (HLPM) is a specialized solution built to help asset managers and investors see a clear view of property performance from a single,

automated application. 

Developed by B-eye Solutions on OneStream, HLPM comes with built-in functionalities for security and guided workflow, along with drill down and drill through capabilities for a more

in-depth look of related data. 

Hospitality & Lodging: Service

Addressing Industry Challenges

HLPM was built specifically for the Hospitality & Lodging industry and to address the pain points faced by this sector through:

  • Automated tools to download attachments (e-mail readers) and to upload & map data (built-in ETL)

  • Built-in OneStream security, workflow and full audit trail functionalities

  • Multiple data sets for Scenarios (actual, budget, forecast), Units (hotel, department, facility), Periods (day, month, year), and more

  • Multi dimensional cube allows information drill down and drill through

  • Comparison of information based on date, weeks, weekdays among others

Key HLPM Features

Analyzes data across multiple data sets such as scenarios, periods, and hospitality units

Supplies detailed data on performance of properties

Fully automated process for reporting

Links seamlessly with other solutions

Built-in security and workflow

Compliant with the latest edition of USALI

For more information about HLPM

To download the HLPM brochure, please complete the form below and we will send a link to the file.


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