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VAT Intelligence Starter Kit

VAT Consolidation, Validation & Reporting in One Solution

The VAT Intelligence Starter Kit (VAI) is a solution for VAT consolidation, validation & reporting built by B-eye Solutions on the OneStream platform. VAI was specifically developed to enable our clients to centralize and consolidate the analysis, follow-up, adjustment, and reporting of VAT across different business units, entities and countries.

With the VAI solution, businesses can easily consolidate their VAT information, generate relevant internal reporting, as well as comply with local VAT reporting requirements.

VAT Intelligence: Service

Addressing the Challenges of VAT Administration and Reporting

  • Shows overall information of the reporting month including Total net invoice values, Total VAT, Number of invoices, Top 10 customer invoices, Top 5 customers, Top 10 vendor invoices and Top 5 vendors, sorted by amount

  • Easy generation of analyses on all vendor invoices, split by location and the number of vendors encoded with more than one (1) VAT code

  • Enables users to make adjustments to the reported numbers within the VAI solution, with the adjustments visible on a consolidated level and easily editable within the platform

Key VAI Features

Centralized solution for VAT analysis & reporting

Pre-defined reports & KPI’s, including ad-hoc reporting

Reduce & replace manual processes
for more efficient and accurate
information output

Built in OneStream for seamless data source integration with the underlying Business
Intelligence System

For more information about VAI

To download the VAI brochure, please complete the form below to get the link to the file.


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