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Our Solutions

We've built customized solutions to cater to the specific requirements of our clients'  industries,
along with the universal challenges of managing corporate performance.


Hospitality & Lodging
Performance Management

Hospitality & Lodging Performance Management (HLPM) is a specialized solution built to help asset managers and investors see a clear view of property performance from a single, automated application.

VAT Intelligence Kit

VAT Intelligence Kit (VAI) is a solution for VAT consolidation, validation & reporting specifically developed to enable our clients
to centralize and consolidate the analysis, follow-up, adjustment, and reporting of VAT across different business units, entities and countries.

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IFRS16 Lease Accounting Solution

IFRS 16 for OneStream is a solution specifically developed to help companies comply with the IFRS 16 Leases Standard.

Data Sourcing Framework

Data Sourcing Framework (DSF) is a specialized tool that automates the load of data from a designated e-mail service directly into the OneStream platform.

Task Scheduling & Automation

Task Scheduling & Automation (TSA) is a specialized solution built to enable OneStream clients to manage and automate any kind of task scheduling directly from within the OneStream application.

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