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Job Opportunities

Application Form

Please complete the application form below and indicate the position you are applying for. To leave your CV for future job openings, leave the position blank.


B-eye Solutions is the data controller of the information you enter in your job application either through the recruitment system, our website contact form, or via e-mail. 

When you apply, you agree that we register and collect the personal information you entered in connection with the job application. This also applies to video presentations, pictures, etc. We can share your application with B-EYE employees involved in the recruitment process and also possibly with third parties who help us in this area - these include recruitment companies that provide personality tests, etc.

We keep your application as well as the other information you have entered until the recruitment process has been completed and in the subsequent period where we believe your application is relevant to us but never more than 6 months.

By inserting your personal information, you agree:


1.    That you have read and understood the above privacy policy.
2.    That the information you entered is true and, in your honest opinion, also the most accurate. Hereunder, you also

        understand that if the information does not match, it may cause the application to not be accepted or will not be considered.

3.    That you consent to your own free will that we must collect and use your information.

Upload CV (PDF or DOC)

Thank you. Your application will be forwarded to the Recruitment Team and you will be contacted if you are considered for the job vacancy.

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